Inside the ercol factory

Caring for the environment comes naturally to ercol, with our energy efficient factory with its biomass boiler fuelled by our wood waste, our use of more environmentally-friendly water based finishes in our factory rather than solvent based finishes, and of course in the use of sustainable timber to make our furniture.

ercol has invested heavily in UK manufacturing, opening an award winning new factory in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire in 2002.  The environment played a key part in the factory design, be this from the use of wood waste to supply our hot water and heating, to the use of movement sensors to control the office lighting. 

ercol furniture is a high quality product, designed to provide years of service before needing replacing, thus helping reduce waste. With our upholstered furniture with exposed wood frames the cushion sets can be replaced, when you are in the mood for a change, or when the existing covers have worn out – see our reCover website, extending its life and minimising waste.

Our main material is timber.  During its growth process, timber absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.  Unlike some furniture companies, we source our timber solely from the forests of North America and Europe.  We thus avoid using timber from the parts of the world where logging causes ecosystem damage and we avoid endangered timbers -  we use only elm, beech, ash, oak and walnut.  The vast majority of our furniture is manufactured in the UK, so the transport miles are minimised.